Motive8 Media’s Rebrand and New Website

Dear Readers,

Today, we have officially launched our new website complete with new rebranding. This new design has been customized based on great feedback we have received over the years, and we hope that you find this new design to be more effective and intuitive to browse. This new website and rebrand reflects our desires to constantly evolve, grow and innovate in the digital marketing and web design space.

We would like to thank our team, our advisors, contractors, and our supporters throughout the years. Finally we would love to thank our clients, and we hope our partnerships continue on into the future.

Motive8 Media has been quite busy this year helping many businesses reach their goals and new levels of success. It is our constant desire to provide the best marketing services to our customers that drives us forward each and every day. Our commitment ensures that we are providing our clients with the best marketing services possible. 


Dennis Pang and the Motive8 Media Team