Capilano University


With its main campus in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Capilano University is recognized for its emphasis on superior teaching over research, small class sizes and unique course offerings. Capilano University currently provides post-secondary and higher education to over 7,500 students, making it an indespensible educational facility to Vancouver.


The Capilano School of Business approached us to create a social media campaign that would help Capilano engage their business students. A lasting social media presence would allow them to efficiently disseminate information and create dialogue amongst the university, students, and prospective students.

Capilano U Business

We developed a broad-based, 4-week social media campaign aimed at creating connections with students across several social media platforms. Facebook was used as the digital landing site for our campaign, we used Twitter to promote the campaign and generate awareness.


Taking it one step further, we set our creative team to work on beautiful posters which would be seen around the campus, with trackable QR codes to drive mobile traffic to their Facebook landing page, while we coordinated with their events team to actively promote the campaign on campus. The GET SMART campaign rewarded students who connected with us through their mobile devices for a chance to win prizes.

The Results (at 4 Weeks)

  • 327 new Facebook “Likes” (149% increase). 15x increase in engagement from an average of 3 people talking about them to 45

  • 1,329 new local Twitter followers, a 1,464% increase in followers. 465% increase in number of monthly mentions